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You Can’t Boil the Fluoride Out!
Some people want fluoride in their drinking water, while others seek to remove it. One of the most common questions I get relating to fluoride removal is whether or not you can boil fluoride out of your water. The answer is no. If you boil water or leave it on a hot plate for an extended period of time, the fluoride will become more concentrated, remaining in the water as a fluorine salt.

However, you can boil water to remove fluoride if you capture the water that is evaporated and condense it (distill it). The water you collect will contain much less fluoride than your starting water. As an example, when you boil a pot of water on the stove, the fluoride concentration in the water in the pot increases. The water that escapes as steam contains much less fluoride.

Stop Using Fluoride Toothpaste!
Fluoride’s ability to damage the brain is one of the most active areas of fluoride research today. In the past three decades, over 100 studies have found that fluoride exposure can damage the brain.

The Goal of the CDC is to Fluoridate America!
The CDC is not protecting the public from the harmful effects of Fluoride Toxicity but protects the “Water Fluoridation Program” instead.

Which Two Presidential Candidates Opposed Fluoridation?
Dr. David Kennedy breaks down the political connection between Fluoride toxicity and the Protected Water Fluoridation program of the United States. Why is it that according to the CDC in this country “science is on the side of water fluoridation.” Find out for yourself by purchasing The Great Culling our WATER and educate yourself and your family members.

Hydrofluosilicic Acid is a Noxious Poison
Of all age groups, infants are the most vulnerable to fluoride toxicity. Due to their small size, infants receive up to 400% more fluoride (per pound of body weight) than adults consuming the same level of fluoride in water.

Dental Fluorosis is Good For Business!
According to the latest national survey by the Centers for Disease Control, 41% of American adolescents now have some form of fluorosis — an increase of over 400% from the rates found 60 years ago. (CDC 2010)

THE GREAT CULLING: mike adams “the health ranger”

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