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Gianluca Zanna Film Review

I have watched the documentary the great culling… it is a must to wake up the rest of the world about the fraud and crime against humanity of the premeditated mass murdering. Please buy a copy and give it to your city council… great production, and great content.

Gianluca Zanna

Former Senator Karen Johnson Film Review

My husband and I just finished watching “The Great Culling, Our Water” and we were blown away with the depth and breadth of information that Chris and Paul have pulled together from all over our country on the fluoride issue for the benefit of uninformed Americans. I have spent twelve years in the Arizona Legislature and brought the fluoride issue up several times in various bills I introduced, BUT each time the Arizona Dental Association in sync with the American Dental Association lobbied in force to defeat any attempt to alert the public to the dangers of fluoride. I am so grateful for this film and the education it will afford the general public. To know that fluoride is cumulative in the human body and does both physical and neurological damage is staggering. We must get this film viewed by as many Americans as possible so that other states, counties and cities (like Wichita, Kansas) can overturn the treatment of their water supply that is being poisoned with fluoride. God help us battle this immoral and criminal conspiracy that has been effectively carried out against us for decades. Thank you Chris and Paul for the courage and heart that you have put into this presentation.

Karen J.

Dr. Laura Pressley Film Review

I just received the video, The Great Culling, Our Water, and watched it as soon as I could get my computer on. It is phenomenal! What a terrific job you and Paul did. It is sheer truth and power. It made me cry, it made me angry, and it made me hopeful. The purity of the message is so much more powerful than the force of the lies that are harming and killing us. You guys have hit it out of the park. 🙂 Thank you for your dedication, time and investment. Can’t wait to see the other volumes on food and air.

All my love,
Laura Pressley, Ph.D.

Gary O. Pittman Film Review
Gary O. Pittman
My name is Gary O. Pittman. I worked in the Phosphate Industry for about 21 Years. I left the industry in 1993 with major health problems. I had the pleasure of viewing ” The Great Culling ” Our Water recently. The introduction to the film was mysterious and left me wanting to see more. The film is well made and kept my attention throughout the viewing. The producers , Paul Wittenberger and Chris Maple did an unbelieveable job of tracking down the facts in this film. They traveled all over the country searching for the truth about water fluoridation. These producers interview and feature Dr. David Kennedy, Dr. Paul Connett, Dr. Charlie Goetschel, Mike Adams, the health ranger and many more with a vast knowledge of water fluoridation. I was very impressed with all interviews and the documentation to back up their film facts. This film is a real eye opener about water fluoridation. The more I watched, the more angry I became. I have been involved in this fight for over 40 years and have researched about every angle, pro and con. After all these years I still cannot believe that our own government adds this poison to our drinking water. Chris interviewed people on the street at random and most did not even know what fluoride is. They surely did not know it is a poison. The more I watched the film I felt saddened for the children, elderly, sickened and impoverished. Overall I would give this film a 5 star rating. The least we can do for our people as a country is furnish good, clean, fresh, drug free drinking water for all. I guess it is true, If you tell a lie loud enough and long enough, the people will believe it. I highly recommend this film.

Gary O. Pittman

Mary Ellen Moore Film Review

Ask any random person what they know about fluoride and the most predictable answer they always give is– fluoride is good for teeth, fluoride prevents cavities. Most people have never questioned the origins of water fluoridation, nor have they questioned the mandatory medicating or “poisoning” of a community water supply. For those who want the truth regarding a very toxic substance, please run, don’t walk to purchase the new film I proud to be a part of “THE GREAT CULLING: OUR WATER”. Most folks do not realize there are different types of fluoride. The film makers Paul Wittenberger and Chris Maple take you on a journey into the world of a TOXIC WASTE and how it “legally” ended up in our drinking water. Is it on purpose? Is it by design? Ask yourself if you want safe drinking water. If you believe fluoride is good for you and your children this film will change your mind.

Mary Ellen Moore

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