In his follow-up documentary to “What in the World Are They Spraying?” director Paul Wittenberger teams up with photographer Chris Maple to produce THE GREAT CULLING trilogy. A three part series of feature length documentary style films that examines the current pandemic of neurological disorders that we are witnessing today and more importantly the relationship that heavy metal toxicity plays in the overall equation.

The Great Culling our WATER focus’s on Fluoride. Fluoride is a generic term to indicate a wide variety of substances containing the element fluorine. Slightly less toxic than arsenic, but more toxic than lead, fluorine is the most negatively charged and most chemically active of all elements on earth, which means it loves to combine and recombine with other elements in its path, ever looking for the strongest bond, and reeking havoc all along the way by creating even more toxic combinations.

Fluoride is not just one of forty chemicals used to treat water. It is the only chemical added to public drinking water to treat individuals, rather than the water. It is mass medication. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that fluoride is not a mineral nutrient; it is a prescription drug. Every prescription drug has side effects, including fluoride.

Fluoride has never received FDA approval and does not meet the legal requirements of safety and effectiveness necessary for such approval. Once this drug is put in the water there is no control over individual dosage.

In addition to the many warning signs, The Great Culling will also educate the audience on the major health risks associated with toxic substances, the best ways to avoid them and effectively remove them from your system.

The Great Culling will include empowering interviews by experts in their field. Our mission is to wake people up, inspire them to take a stand for themselves and for future generations.

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